Supports Veterans

Purchase supports Veterans. Veteran owned and operated.

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America the Beautiful

Celebrate the beauty of our country and the courage of the veterans who have kept it safe.

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Game of Chance

Bets are made on the odds of the dice.

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Combines skill and strategy with a high-stakes thrill.

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Roll the Dice

Shake your device to roll the dice.

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About Us

Our mission is to find people that love and respect Veterans and are willing to purchase the Domino Roll Out App to aid us in helping veterans.

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Veteran’s We’ve Helped

Please visit our Facebook Page to read our Veteran of the Month tribute! “Like” and “Share” us to help get the word out there to others who will help or that need our help!

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Game Description

Domino Roll-Out is a revolutionary new gambling game that combines the skill and strategy of Yahtzee along with the high-stakes thrill of Blackjack.

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Watch Out Angry Birds

“Great fun. Watch out Angry Birds, this app is great.” – zzzneel

Great Game

“Great game, about time” – Richard

So Much Fun To Play

“This is kind of like shut the box only with dominos. So much fun to play. Thanks to the developer.” – Foxie


“Great game for gambling with dice and dominos, reminds me of an old bar game we used to play a few years ago. Standard version is addictive. The game is very fun on the larger iPad. This would make a great casino game like craps or maybe a slot machine type game.” – rodeojim

A Ton of FUN!

“This game is a ton of fun! I like the Vegas style…I wouldn’t be surprised to see this actually in Vegas someday!” – Travis Russell

Love It!!!

“Love it!!!”- xanhmai

I Couldn’t Put It Down!

“Love it! This game is a lot of fun. The game was a little confusing at first but once I got the hang of it, I couldn’t put it down!” – Megan

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